The Hidden History of English Cottages

To celebrate the recent rebranding of into Cottage Gems (, Cottage Gems has researched and produced a commemorative list of the hidden history of some of its properties, to reflect the brands aim of helping holidaymakers 'find luxurious and 5 star rated properties' in the UK.
Family run and fully dedicated, Cottage Gems is ideal for both house owners who wish to advertise their high-quality property and for holiday-makers looking for the best getaway accommodation that the UK has to offer. From the extravagant to the eccentric, Cottage Gems describes itself as 'the diamonds, rubies and emeralds' of the UK self-catering business with over 15 years of experience in the sector.
The Spa House/Austen House- Badmington, Gloustershire
Built for British Prime Minister Robert Jenkinson, the Spa House is part of the 30 acres of land that make up the Manor House at Petty France. Initially used during the Napoleonic Wars as a country home for the Prime Minister, the property would later house Poet Laureate William Wordsworth- who is perhaps most famous for his Romantic work Lyrical Ballads (1798). Today esteemed guests have ranged from Anthony Hopkins to Christopher Reeve and Emma Thompson.
Burnfoot Holiday Cottages- Rothbury, Northumberland
This collection of cottages, sitting on the world famous National Trust Cragside Estate and located on the edge of Northumberland National Park, has the distinguished honour of being part of the UK's first hydroelectric property. Originally built by Lord Armstrong, the stone farm was carefully converted into a collection of fourteen high-end cottages and is surrounded by one of Europe's biggest gardens.
Sheplegh Court- Dartmouth, Devon
The courts claim to fame is not just the fact that it has a heated outdoor swimming pool. The property was the war-time headquarters of General Eisenhower. It was here the General, with other distinguished statesmen, planned for the D-day landings at Slapton Sands. The Court was also the setting of a famous meeting between General Eisenhower, British Prime Minster Winston Churchill, French General de Gaulle and Field Marshall Montgomery. (Featured on sister site-
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