The Eden Project takes to the heights with a new Rainforest Aerial Walkway

THE Eden Project's new Rainforest Aerial Walkway is taking shape - and is now open to the public for a series of special preview tours.
The tours run until June 26 where an Eden narrator will give participants an overview of the walkway and talk about the stages still yet to come.
Eden's director of interpretation Dr Jo Elworthy said: "A piece of primary forest - the size of Eden's vast indoor jungle disappears in the wild every 10 seconds. Rainforests help keep us alive wherever we live. Addressing the challenge (including how the story is told) needs a fresh approach.
"Once you have visited the rainforest it changes you forever, fuelling a desire to care. Not everyone has that opportunity so we decided to grow a rainforest right here in Cornwall, UK. Now, 12 years after we opened, our forest has grown and is reaching for the sky. At last, we have been able to start to build the walkway and, with you all, take to the trees."
Fundraising continues and plans for the second phase of the walkway are already underway.

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