Shrek dons giant kilt

SCOTLAND'S marketing agency has designed a giant kilt for film superstar Shrek.
VisitScotland have been working closely with Paramount Pictures to explore Shrek's possible Scottish heritage and Lochcarron, based in Selkirk, wove the green and brown tartan especially for his 102-inch waist.
Voice actor Mike Myers bestowed a Scottish accent on the lovable ogre when he first came to life in Shrek in 2001.
VisitScotland hopes to use the stunt as a way of promoting Scotland and how people can trace their own history and potential Scottish roots.
Spokesman Jenni Steele said: "We wanted to highlight just how diverse Scotland's heritage can be - and if Shrek can have a tartan, so can anyone. There are thought to be in excess of 50 million people across the world who can claim Scottish ancestry, so this is a great opportunity to be able to link our national heritage with such a well loved film character."
VisitScotland is developing ways of promoting the destination to film fans. The organisation recently worked in partnership with Sony Pictures to promote the themes and locations of The Da Vinci Code, tying the essence of the film into the real mysteries, myths and legends Scotland has to offer, resulting in a multi-million pound, global campaign to drive awareness of Scotland.

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