Learn new skills at the British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum is inviting people to come along and learn a new skill with its series of motoring related workshops this autumn. These popular and fascinating workshops enable participants to learn new skills in photography, creative writing, drawing and classic car ownership. Each course includes entry to the Museum so participants can visit the extensive collection of British historical cars.

The popular 'Classic Virgins' Experience Day returns on 20 October. This is a hands-on, informative day aimed at those who wish to buy and own a classic car. Experts will deliver guidance on the theory of car ownership and provide basic practical workshop based maintenance sessions. There will also be the opportunity ride in a variety of classic cars. One of this April's Classic Virgins Experience attendees said "The day was a great introduction to classic cars, and a really good opportunity to meet experienced owners"

For those interested in photography, the Museum is offering three workshops. 'Cars through the Lens' on 6 October is aimed at the aspiring amateur photographer while 'Lights, Camera…Cars' on 7 October focuses on developing lighting skills for the more advanced. Finally 'Cars through the Lens goes Studio' on 17 November is perfect for those looking to develop photographic techniques, composition and lighting in a home studio setting.

We will be delivering five art based workshops, the first 'Sketching and painting Land Rovers' on 7 October will be led by artist and Land Rover enthusiast Maria Clancy, and will cover how to capture the essence of these popular vehicles. Richard Cook, retired art teacher and accomplished pencil sketcher will deliver a more general sketching workshop 'Sketching from Automotive History' on 20 October followed by 'Automotive History in Watercolour' on 21 October giving participants the chance to bring life to their sketches with watercolour. Richard will also deliver two workshops exclusively on perspective. 'Automotive Sketching in Perspective' on 24 November which will cover techniques such as one and two point perspective, vanishing points and the horizon line, and then an advanced perspective workshop on 25 November for artists wishing to gain an understanding of 3 point perspective while sketching their favourite cars.

For those interested in creative writing, Sharon Bradshaw, a poet and bestselling author of historical fiction will deliver 'Motoring Memoirs' on 20 October. Participants will be guided through creative writing techniques and the skills they need to create their own memoirs.

Booking is essential for all workshops, they also make ideal gifts. You can book online or call 01926 649649 (Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm). All workshops include refreshments and entry to the Museum. Lunch is provided for the Classic Virgins Experience Day, for the other workshops participants can use the Café or bring their own packed lunch. For more information and to book please visit http://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/events/workshops-1

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