Gretna Green Ltd. Introduce 'Alipay'

Family run business Gretna Green Ltd. have introduced the global online payment application "Alipay" to help cater to their international customers. Alipay is the world's most popular financial application with around 400 million users and over 100 million transactions around the world.
The team at Gretna Green recognise the importance of easy payment methods for the visiting tourism market and made the decision to launch the mobile payment app this summer; creating a streamlined purchasing process and removing any issues regarding the use of cash payments by adapting their business to ensure they have the best shopping experience possible.
Alipay gives customers complete control over their finances, cutting out the need for currency conversion and use of expensive credit cards. The app is designed for ease of use on both Apple and Android devices and with a simple QR code available to scan at the end of their shopping experience - it couldn't be any easier.
The new service was introduced at the award winning five-star visitor attraction on Monday 13th of August 2018. Gretna Green Ltd already offer tax free shopping to visitors from outside the EU, and the introduction of Alipay further expands their appeal within the lucrative visitor market.
Kevin Stewart, Head of Marketing says; "The introduction of Alipay to Gretna Green is the latest step in positioning our attraction as an international destination of choice for the visiting tourism market. We understand how important it is to cater to and meet the demands of our growing international visitor and ease of payment is so important in ensuring a seamless experience. We are always looking to improve our services on site and online and endeavour to keep up to date with the latest technological advances."
Gretna Green always works closely with suppliers that can deliver improved change and give a clearer understanding of their customers shopping habits and experiences. Alipay is the next step towards this.
Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop Attraction currently welcomes over 800,000 visitors each year to the Dumfries & Galloway region and is the most visited, privately owned tourist attraction in the country.

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