Appeal may increase thanks to 'Oscar' film

OSCAR winning film The Queen's could help increase Britain's appeal as a set-jetter's paradise, tourism chiefs have announced.
Film tourism or 'set-jetting' is an increasingly popular holiday option with 40 per cent of potential visitors "very likely" to visit places from films or TV.
Chief executive of national tourism agency VisitBritain, Tom Wright, said: "The film can act as free advertising for a destination, location or attraction; shown to millions of people around the world and whenever they watch the DVD.
"Showcasing destinations through film helps maintain the enduring popularity of our beautiful landscapes and countryside, centuries of history, iconic characters, actors and actresses and literary greats."
British tourism is expecting a double whammy from The Queen because of the royal locations that appear on screen and the film's resonance with Britain's royal heritage appeal.
VisitBritain claim 82 per cent of potential visitors would be most likely to 'sightsee famous monuments or buildings' on a visit to Britain, while 46 per cent of Britons enjoy heritage sites and castles while on holiday.
Every year millions of visitors from Britain and overseas enjoy places and events associated with the royal family and earlier kings and queens.
Pageantry and royalty have been a part of the British tourism experience since the early days of the industry and there are no signs that interest is waning.
The top five royal attractions in the country alone account for 3.8 million visits each year. As well featuring popular tourist spots in London - such as 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace - Culzean Castle, Blairquhan Castle and Waddesdon Manor appear in The Queen.
As patron of British Tourism Week, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is undertaking a series of engagements on to draw further national and international attention to the size, value and importance of the tourism industry.
Chairman of British Tourism Week, Stephen Dowd, said: "Our unique royal heritage is critically important to Britain's visitor economy.
"His Royal Highness' interests in heritage and in many of the quintessential elements that constitute Britain's tourism brand, make him a perfect ambassador for tourism.
"Royal recognition of the importance of British Tourism Week will help us redefine both the image and the reality of British tourism in the important years ahead."

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