Winston Churchill's Britain at War Experience

The Britain at War Experience pays tribute to the ordinary people of the Second World War and offers visitors a realistic and educational adventure.

1939 - 1945 were the years that changed the face of British history. Experience what it must have been like to live through those momentous years. Enter the London underground lift and descend back through time into war-torn London. Take shelter from the enemy air-raids in the crowded underground station where many spent sleepless nights. Enter the BBC radio room and listen to the speeches of great war-time leaders, from Chamberlain's declaration of war to Churchill's rousing speeches that inspired the nation and find out what made him the country's most favourite Prime Minister. View the Drury Lane Dressing Room and also share in the excitement and anxiety of the Evacuees as they are transported to their new homes in the country. Learn about food and clothes rationing as you window shop through the shops of Southwark and see the prices in pounds, shillings and pence. View the Rainbow Room, where G.I.'s danced the night away. Then take care as you walk through the Blitz, with the air-raid sirens warning you of the enemy aircraft overhead. You may be able to escape past the burst water main, but beware the unexploded bomb.

Close to London Bridge Station
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Adults - £9.50 - Children - £4.75 - Concession - £5.75 - Family - £25.00


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