Town and City Video Tours

Town and City Video Tours produce web video for tourist destinations showcasing the visitor experience with an entertaining and informing bespoke "TV like" commercial with all the reasons to visit, giving the viewer an "as if you were there experience" and bringing the printed brochure to life.

It's the best way to give the website visitor what they want, easy and quick access to information, what to do, see, and where to go, displayed all in one audio visual presentation transforming the site from a static entity into an interactive exciting and importantly memorable experience one, and, increasing "time spent" on the website.

With the massive growth of video sharing platforms, social media sites with their huge audiences, tourism destinations with a video can benefit from free exposure to a massive new audience unreachable without video as this rich media content can be distributed across those networks to market the destination on the web.

In the future, video content (think digital convergence of TV and PC, tablets) will become more and more important; it's time to make a film!
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