New Vision Group

New Vision Group is the developer of the world's only integrated tourism technology solution. Our systems are used by inspired and competitive destinations to improve the volume and value of their visitor economy. Our solutions help destinations, and tourism businesses, attract new visitors and markets, and increase revenue streams - through online bookings, e-shops, and e-ticketing, just to name a few known methods.

In our highly competitive and fast changing digital world, New Vision Group's e-tourism solution is recognised as the essential toolkit for pioneering destinations who understand today's visitor expectations for rich and personalised information and data.

Our DMS cannot be underestimated as the best on the market. A total business solution, our DMS encompasses customer relationship management (CRM), customer profiling, business engagement, membership management, invoicing, website publishing, reporting, product data management, enquiry management, e-marketing and e-commerce.

Our highly flexible Modular CMS powers our worldwide acclaimed dynamic and interactive websites and mobile websites, such as Cumbria Tourism's, voted one of the world's top five tourism websites.

Our Guestlink+ property management system provides real-time availability information and online bookability, whilst our accommodation portal Roomcheck is generating additional income for providers by fully exploiting mainstream online accommodation booking revenue channels.

These tools coupled with our proven industry knowledge and expertise create real opportunities for growth and improvement and help our clients achieve transformational results. Over the last 12 months, our clients have racked up over 43 million new website visits. Even more compelling, our systems have contributed to over £24.2 million worth of revenue (up 39%) through 140,000 bookings (up 31%), with 11 million new business referrals to accommodation and attraction providers (up 24%).

Our clients benefit from:
Cost savings - no more duplication of ICT investment, simplified processes and single updating for rich, accurate and uniform data.
Efficiency - reduced resources and time with e-collaboration and data sharing; simple distribution of data and content to multiple channels (websites, third party distributors, mobile channels, print)
Revenue generation - Cohesive destination-wide Visitor contact through shared customer intelligence

Be a part of our success story: find out how New Vision Group can benefit your destination by contacting Aviva Pearson today on 0845 430 0321 or at