Celtic Trails

Celtic Trails has been at the forefront of unique tours since 1999, taking visitors to mystical sites that are off the beaten track. Jackie Queally the director has written six books on the subjects of local myths and legends of the Lothians, the early Scottish Christian group the Culdees, her poems on the tree archetypes of the Celtic calendar and the history and legends of the Sinclairs of Rosslyn Castle. These and two in-depth guides to cover the carvings and the ley lines/ sacred geometry of the chapel and landscape are on sale at Rosslyn Chapel. Jackie is the longest freelance guide to visit the chapel. Her small professional team share her passion for the Knights Templar and the special history that the Lothians hold. Aside from half day tours of Ancient Edinburgh and Roslin Glen/Chapel and day tours, they offer longer specialist tours to the land of the Picts, Knights Templar, early Celtic saints and prehistory of the western highlands and islands. New for this year are trips to Norway to examine the links between the medieval Irish and Scottish monks and the Norweigian royalty, marked by legends attached to caves and early sites!

You need no previous knowledge to book a tour, as every tour is unique and conducted according to your interests and level, and the main emphasis is on relaxing and tuning into the essence of the Scottish landscape and history.