Body Worlds

BODY WORLDS is a world traveling, world famous exhibition that has been seen by more than 27 million people worldwide.

BODY WORLDS & The Mirror of Time is the latest BODY WORLDS exhibition. It features over 200 real specimens and has a special focus on health, wellbeing and the ageing process.

Each specimen has been preserved by a process called Plastination - a groundbreaking method for preservation invented by Dr Gunther von Hagens in 1977. The process replaces bodily fluids and soluble fat in specimens with fluid plastics through vacuum-forced impregnation.

This unique exhibition offers an amazing insight into the human lifecycle. At the exhibition, visitors will discover the mysteries of how the human body develops through time; at its most radiant and as it changes, matures and finally wanes.

The exhibition shows the complexity and vulnerability of the human body through anatomical studies of the body in distress, disease and optimal health.

At every stage of its life cycle, the human body experiences changes and milestones. Visitors will discover the effects smoking and disease have on the human body - and discover the changes that take place as the body moves through different experiences in its lifetime.

The unique use of authentic specimens presents an up-close look at disease, physiology, and anatomy in a way that cannot be shown with models, textbooks or photos. The exhibition allows visitors to understand that every body has its own unique features, even on the inside.

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